Day 3 of Gabor’s Workshop

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We started out by viewing a reference photo on the TV.  Gabor used PhotoShop to simplify the photo into larger shapes  so we could focus on the “big picture” instead of getting bogged down with the details.

As we proceeded he changed the filter to bring out the definition.  The last 30 minutes of the 2hr exercise we were looking at the original photo.

This really helped us to block in the big shapes and work on values ahead of the details.

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Gabor’s Day 2 Demo

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This was oil on watercolor paper.   All in about 40 minutes.  He makes it look easy…it is not.  Great instructor and a great demo!

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3/12/13: Day 2 at the Workshop

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Worked on both paintings that I started yesterday…here they are…

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Tucson Art Academy – Tucson, 3/11/3 (2nd post of the day)

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A great demo in the morning, then we chose reference photos and tried our hand at it.   I had a bit of trouble…but it is a learning experience.  I started out with a photo of a house surrounded by trees.  Lots of greens and I was getting close, but gummed up the works a bit and ended up scraping off a large part of the house.   I put it down to dry a bit and will pick it up again tomorrow.

I then selected a new reference photo, did a thumb nail sketch and started blocking in the darks.   I will pick this one up again tomorrow as well.

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Tucson Art Academy – Tucson, AZ, with Gabor Savgrik

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3/11/13:  Today was the first day of  a 4-day oil painting workshop with Gabor Svagrik.  He is focusing this workshop on all of the greens we run into with landscape painting.  With a simple pallet we can produce most, if not all of the greens we need to use in a painting.

TitaniumWhite, Ultramarine Blue, Raw Siena, Yellow Ochre, Cad Lemon Yellow, Cad Yellow Hue, Alizarin Crimson.

This series represents about a 2 hr demo that Gabor worked up from a reference photo.

Our turn came after lunch…

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Art Students League of Denver

If you live in Denver and want to get into some art classes you can’t go wrong visiting the Art Students League.  Check out their link:

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Workshop in Tucson, March 2013

Heading to Tucson in a couple of weeks to take a Work Shop with Gabor Svagrik.  Check out his web site and I am sure you will see why I am interested in studying with him.

Svagrik Fine Art . Gabor Svagrik

I plan on posting some photo’s from this experience and any words of wisdom that shared by Gabor and the other students..

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